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  • video – chronic pain discussion

    Here is the recording of the presentations and discussion surrounding chronic pain on our first body and science series event. Presentation materials Anna Macdonald You can watch the film Reasonable Adjustments here. Aline Haas This video was shared as part of Aline’s presentation. Bernie Carter

  • video Marco Donnarumma

    Here’s the video recording of the presentation by Marco Donnarumma called Restless bodies, tame AI and powers of othering.

  • video Lucy Suchman subject objects

    Here’s the video recording of the conversation between Lucy Suchman and Simon Ellis called Subject Objects.

  • discussing C-DaRE invites for Animated

    C-DaRE Invites… grew from a research seminar series that was initially a traditional research dissemination platform, where academics and researchers from within the Centre and external collaborators would present their research to mostly an internal audience, with some external participants joining from the local area. Kate Marsh and Lily Hayward-Smith became involved in 2018 and…

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