Dr Miche Fabre Lewin – Living Cultures: Cooking with the Artful Body Mind

Image credit: Dr Miche Fabre Lewin

As part of our C-DaRE invites… online series we invite audiences to the first of our live online events. We join Dr Miche Fabre Lewin and Dr Flora Gathorne-Hardy, who together form Touchstones ecological arts and research practice, while they shared and explored Miche’s practice theory research.

Within the habitat of the kitchen studio, Miche invites the audience to a performative ritual with a Cupboard of Love, botanical elixirs, biodiversity in a bowl, and musings with a sourdough leaven. 

To enliven our artful bodyminds, the participants are also invited to prepare a life-giving brew – herb/flower infusions, homemade drink or broth, fermented beverages, fresh water, or any other – to be revitalising to us during our collective response and discussion.

You can view the full event in this video.


My practice research innovates the concept of the ‘artful bodymind’. This  enlivens the understanding that body and mind are interconnected and that knowing comes through our embodied and interactive experience of the matter of life andis in a dynamic, sensuous encounter with naturecultures. My doctoral fieldwork ‘Living Cultures: kitchen culture meets agriculture’ unfolded as ritual workshops within an Artist Research Residency at the Sustainability Institute in South Africa. My contribution to knowledge is a Sympoietic Ritual Methodology that creates the conditions for the artful bodymind to experience ‘sympoiesis’ – a ‘making-with’ and a cooperation with the other-than-human world. These culinary, artisan and convivial encounters cultivate the ground for an ethics of care in the everyday.