Bodies, AI, Ethics and Diversity

Image of Rosa Cisneros wearing motion capture equipment. This image is from the Wholodance project motion capture session.

Image credit: Rosemary Cisneros,WhoLoDancE Motion Capture Session. Amsterdam, July 2016. Photo: Giulio Bottini.

What might embodied knowledge contribute to the creation of ethical practices in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology development? How can this be informed from the perspective of bodies that are different?

A roundtable discussion moderated by Kate Marsh and Scott deLahunta with Alison Powell (Director) and Louise Hickman from the JUST AI (Joining Up Society and Technology in AI) network and Marco Gillies and colleagues from the immersive indie design project 4i, including C-DaRE 4i Co-Investigator Ruth Gibson. Tom Medak from the Centre for Postdigital Cultures is invited to provide a response.