AI writes about itself

I tried out an AI writing generator – called Rytr – to write a blot post about AI, the arts and creativity. I selected the following inputs:

  • Tone: informative
  • Use case: blog section writing
  • Section topic: The effect of AI on arts and creativity
  • Section keywords: creativity, AI, limitations, arts
  • Creativity level: Optimal
  • Number of variants: Two

Here are the two variants:

AI will not be able to create art on its own. It can only create art that is in line with what the human artist has created.

Creativity is a skill that requires imagination, empathy, and emotional intelligence. AI can’t do these things yet. So it’s unlikely that we will see an AI-created Mona Lisa anytime soon.

– Rytr Variant 1

AI has the potential to be a powerful tool for artists. It can help them explore new dimensions and reach new heights by providing them with the tools that they can use to create. At the same time, it might limit their creativity as it is difficult to predict what AI will do in response to human input.

AI has not had much of an effect on creativity in the arts yet. The reason is that AI is still relatively new and we do not know how it will affect creativity in this field.

– Rytr Variant 2

If I were an undergrad again it would sure be tempting …

– Simon Ellis

And just in case you missed it:

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